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Christmas in Bratislava - Europe

Christmas in Bratislava

One of the best times to visit Bratislava is the Christmas holiday season when the season markets give another color to the city. From 24/11 to 22/12 in different central locations the city is full of festive icons and smells. On weekends, many locals as well from nearby towns visit these beautiful ornate and vibrant squares.

The festive market is divided into several places:


The central square is the place to start. It is located in the center of the old town which is the most beautiful place for your walks especially during the festive season.

In front of the square there is the town hall with its clock on which you can climb a ticket that combines either a visit to the museum or just a visit to the watch-tower.

The view especially at late afternoon that begins and illuminates the city is enchanting and the eye reaches up to the castle of the city on the opposite hill, the cathedral and the UFO.

The Tower is open from 10 to 5 on weekdays except Monday and on weekends from 11 to 6. Last entry 30 minutes before closing


The market below the tower where you can buy wooden presents and wine.


A few meters further from the main square is Hviezdoslav’s Square which starts from the National Theater and ends in the New Bridge with the UFO tower at one end. Here you can find many kiosks with various dishes and many types of festive hot wine.


If the weather is rainy or you want to buy more fashionable gifts for your friends and relatives there are shopping centers that you can visit not far from the city center.


Located on the banks of the Danube, at the entrance are some kiosks where you can try something by looking at the Danube view. Inside are all the well-known shops in the Slovak market.


On the opposite side of the Danube and shortly after the UFO tower there is a bigger shopping mall AUPARK Here you can find gifts for acquaintances and friends and various shops with modern food.


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Christmas in Bratislava One of the best times to visit Bratislava is the Christmas holiday season when...

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